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Homemade Jam & Syrup Like Grandma Made Them

Made Only From The Highest Quality Fruit

Cooked The Old Fashioned Way Like My Mom Taught Me

Carrying On The Tradition Of Making All Natural Foods

Delicious Homemade All Natural Jams & Syrups from Pueblo, CO.

There are a variety of culinary uses for our all natural jam and syrup products, limited only by the cook's imagination. The homemade jams and homemade syrups can agreeably complement meals from breakfast through dinner, as well as an array of snacks. The Blueberry Jam with its intense blueberry flavor is just as satisfying over yogurt for breakfast as it is over ice cream for an evening snack. Strawberry Jam makes a delicious mousse or sorbet, and it's very good when used as a filling for crepes or added to salad dressings. 

Our Red Cherry Jam makes a wonderful glaze over your favorite cut of pork. Peach Jam enhances grilled pork chops or chicken when served alongside as a condiment or used as a glaze. A dollop of Jalapeno Pepper Jam and cream cheese on a cracker makes a quick appetizer or snack. Use with goat cheese, smoked cheddar, brie, or other varieties of cheese. Add the Jalapeno Pepper Jam to your favorite wing recipe. Serve as a condiment for any cut of meat. Try adding Blackberry or Raspberry Jam to some rice vinegar with olive oil and garlic for a fruity vinaigrette to top off your favorite salad. Blueberry and Seedless Raspberry Syrups drizzled over a slice of cheesecake make for a wonderful dessert. Used as a glaze on vegetables or as a dipping sauce, they are sure to spice up any meal! 
We look forward to serve our delicious jams and syrups for you!


Congratulations on a good product! It is the best jam I ever had. I absolutely love the Blueberry Jam. 

Ruthie in Arvada, CO

I really liked the Jalepeno Jam. It was delicious! I want to order more and try the other flavors and your syrups.

Delores in San Isabel, CO

LOVE the Green Chile Jam. I eat over vanilla ice cream. It's the BEST!

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